Solid wooden system - Specifications booklet
Specifications booklet

Specifications booklet

Ons lastenboek wordt steeds geactualiseerd naar de nieuwste ontwikkelingen. Bekijk daarom de pdf

The standard Mi Casa specifications correspond with 95 % of the final choices of our clients.

Luxurious and complete:
The specifications give a general description of the “Mi Casa” build system, a description of the luxurious and complete finishes as they are exhibited in our show home, including indications on their commercial values.
The standard finishing we propose, corresponds with 95% of the customers’ final choice of building materials. During the decision process of building materials, our customers are always positively surprised with regards to the high standard in the specification booklet.

Fully bespoke:
In the preliminary draft project, variations with regards to the standard specification will be mentioned in the price quote; and option prices are mentioned separately. This system allows you to completely personalise the estimate according to your tastes, your budget and your own philosophy. The final price quote determines what is included in the price and prevails over the general specifications booklet.

Our Mi Casa specifications booklet receives regular updates because of technological improvements in all areas. Please have a look at the latest pdf version at the bottom of the page. 

Achieving the EPC “A-rating”

Building sustainable low-energy homes is our main objective when defining our set of standard specifications. It means that we try to reach the “A 92” level for the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). This value can vary (positively or negatively) according to the architectural plan and the layout of the house (orientation).

In spite of insulation and optimal heating and ventilation systems, it’s sometimes not enough to reach the “A 92” EPC level. That’s why Mi Casa Homes always includes a budget for solar panels in the basic proposal.

In order to make sure that the required EPC level is reached and that it corresponds to your expectations, a calculation of the EPC level is made – before the realisation – so that appropriate measures (such as additional solar panels or not) can be decided.

Top quality is our goal

Using laminated beams and advanced building techniques for insulation, heating and ventilation is an absolute must in Mi Casa Homes. However, the use of specific building materials and flawless execution are also crucial in achieving the highest quality standards.

First of all, a great amount attention is giving to the wind- and must be paid to watertightness of the building. Despite the fact that the cavity insulation has a double layer, we still install an extra damp barrier against the outside of the solid wooden walls. This windproof foil is carefully fixed and taped to the under roof so that the entire outer skin of the building is wind- and waterproof. An in-house developed window frame system ensures the perfect wind- and watertightness when windows are installed in each Mi Casa Home.

All ducts are integrated in the laminated beams, also in the outer walls so that the insulation material can immediately be installed. This procedure guarantees a high level of airtightness. Even at the level of the foundations, the timber construction is carefully studied so that there is no loss of energy. A waterproof mortar is poured on the foundations. In association with a waterproof foil, it guarantees a wind- and watertight layer in the foundations. By placing the first laminated beam on specially designed metal feet onto the foundation, this allows a seamless integration of floor and cavity insulation. Once again this system limits the amount of heat loss and drastically improves airtightness.

In order to achieve an optimal noise and vibration insulation between the different floors, a floor covering in several layers will be installed. On the first floor, a thick  4x2mm noise reduction layer is placed (rooms with floor heating will receive special PUR panels). Then, a 6-to-8 cm reinforced screed is poured on top of which the floor finish of your choice can be installed a few days later.


Ground insulation

10 cm of “PURE” insulation will be sprayed on top of the foundation. By placing the first laminated beam on specially designed metal feet onto the foundation, this allows a seamless integration of floor and cavity insulation. Once again this system limits the amount of heat loss and drastically improves airtightness.


Wall Cavity insulation

A double layer of insulation on the outer sides, that is 2 x 7 cm Recticel. The first layer is located between the multiple reinforcements and the airtight window frames. The second layer forms the final phase of a perfect insulation envelope all around the house


Roof insulation

Roof insulation consists of an intelligent “breathing” damp foil into which sustainable cellulose is injected. This system ensures not only a perfect airtightness and damp permeability, but it is also a top product in terms of insulation. In contrast with glass wool which is only a good insulation material in winter, the big mass of sustainable cellulose allows to keep a cool roof in summer. Due to this big mass of cellulose, the under roof plates are now obsolete. Instead, we can now only use a wind- and waterproof foil under the roof tiles. This system presents the advantage that – even during the structural works (when the roof tiles have not been installed yet) – the roof remains perfectly waterproof.