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Colección : exclusive line of furniture

Colección : exclusive line of furniture

Mi Casa offers an exclusive line of furniture, which gives your house the atmosphere and the comfort deserved by a Mi Casa home.
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Importance is given by Mi Casa customers not only to the beauty of architecture but also – and rightly – to the charming, comfortable and timeless interior.
Mi Casa thought that it was important to evolve in this way. In order to be able to fully respect our company philosphy and to move towards what we love doing, we decided to launch an exclusive line of furniture entitled “Colección” in 2009.

Everything is 100% custom-made to get sure you that you can enjoy optimal comfort and that everything can be perfectly fitted out in your home. Our interior designers will be pleased to create for you a personalised project.

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Our own vision of an effective production

In order to offer customised solutions which fulfill your desires,  we consider that our in-house production must be excellent not only in terms of quality but also in terms of speed. We have our own vision of an effective production; all the machines but also the majority of our collaborators may be requested for both Collección and for the production of the finishing materials of the house. Thanks to this principle, we can offer a unique furniture : true excellence, 100% custom-made, pure Belgian, with a short-term production and a very favourable value for money.

Regarding the Mi Casa customer, it means that he can be ensured that the quality of his custom-made furniture will be as high-standard as the quality of the finishing of the house and that strict production delays will be respected as well as for the Mi Casa home.

As soon as June 2017, a new nesting CNC machine will be implemented; it will be the major component of the effective production according to the vision of Mi Casa. Thanks to it, the production delays will be even shorter. 

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Even more opportunities

The most consequent custom-made works in the house are those related to the production of furniture for the kitchen, the bathroom and the dressing room. Although the quality of the custom-made bathroom furniture is already of high standard in every Mi Casa house according to basic specifications, the Mi Casa customer has even more opportunities to improve the bathroom thanks to Collección. Besides kitchens and dressings, Mi Casa can also provide help to the customer to choose and to design his library or his office, custom-made tables, tv cabinets, finishes around the fireplace,…

Everything is realised with attention to detail, following a wide range of choices, not only in terms of materials, baseboards and mouldings but also in terms of door models and handles,…
Although there are endless possibilities regarding the choice of materials, most of our customers choose MDF or sanded oak. The degree of finish ranges from untreated, pre-painted to laquered material.

The possibilities are also unlimited regarding the kitchen worktops and tablets. Our interior designer can help you make your choice among all these alternative solutions and ensures that everything is fitted out in order to get a harmonious whole. It is only in this way that your house is becoming a real home.

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In the future

In order to enhance our company philosphy and to move in the future towards what we love doing, we also provide non-Casa customers with Mi Casa Collección.

Would you be interested in giving your traditional house a Mi Casa touch, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The “Mi Casa Collección” will be soon available via a separate website where you will be able to follow our realisations. It will probably give you inspiration for your future house.