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Strict requirements in terms of safety, insulation, ventilation and heating do not make building works cheaper. Furthermore, the price of plots of building land is always higher and leaves less and less budget for the construction of your dream house.
We think that in spite of this evolution your dream of a Mi Casa house must not be jeopardized. Due to this, we tried to develop a basic plan which meets the ideal of most of the families. The combination of characteristics such as quality, service architecture and interior - which are typical of Mi Casa houses – with its optimal price and its high quality make the Selección concept attractive for a broader public.

The quality of Selección is the same as in every Mi Casa house. The price only is lower. And this can be explained by different reasons.
We wish to optimize by a planning of use of raw materials (such as expensive wall beams or main beams) reduced to a minimum. Also, when purchasing big quantities of windows or metal for example, we draw on the specific structure of the house. Besides, thanks to detailed previous studies made before the plan and thanks to the simplicity of the concept, the number of working hours necessary for the assembly as well as for the finish can be limited as far as possible. Also, plans (always identical) are designed so that all the study costs regarding production and assembly are completely removed. Furthermore, in the specifications – where specific attention is dedicated to selection of high quality and esthetical materials with an excellent quality-price ratio – the project leading is ensured by the consultant. Eventually, due to the standard character of the house, quite a few tasks connected with the site management are removed.

Of course, the basic plan leaves much freedom in order to meet your specific desires, as much as possible. In this plan, you can add several things in order to adapt your Selección to your specific needs. Inside, you can keep the Mi Casa character with the materials you wish. Naturally, our line of furniture called Colección will allow to further customize the decoration of the house.

That is how we can propose a Mi Casa house to those who thought that acquiring a charming dream house, a Selección house, was not possible.

Basic plan: New England 11m x 7.25 m

Building a house is getting more and more expensive. However, a high quality solid wood house, with a warm atmosphere must remain affordable for everyone. From that idea, we tried to develop a basic plan which meets the ideal of most of the families. And so now we can propose the following plan.

On the ground floor:
- Big open living space, with a special area for the office, the playcorner or TV corner;
- Open-plan kitchen with dining room and spacious storage space;
On the first floor:
 - 3 spacious bedrooms ;
 -  shower room for the parents and 1 bathroom for the children’s bedrooms;
 - separated toilet in the night hall.
In the attic, the space is big enough to design, for instance, some bedrooms and one bathroom. But this space can also be fitted out as a leisure room or as a common storage space.

In the basic plan, many elements can be found in the majority of the Mi Casa houses regarding both architecture and interior design:
 - symmetry of the facade elements;
 - mixture of masonry and cladding wood;
 - an impressive stairwell in the hall with an open space upstairs.

This specific plan was implemented in the current show house of Waregem and was named ' New England '.

Specifications: energy-saving house with a luxurious finish

In the last specifications, a particular attention was brought to the selection of high quality materials in terms of quality and aesthetics with optimal value for money but with a particular accent put on building an energy-saving home.

A price maintained below 1,450 euro /sqm (valid for Belgium)

The price list is valid until 30/6/2017
 - according to the “Selección” specifications
 - startup of the construction work scheduled before 31/12/2017
 - within a radius of 75 km around Waregem (ask your consultant in case of longer distances)
 - excluding VAT, architects’ fees, connection charges, costs of painting and furnishing.

Price New England 11 x 7.25 = 160 sqm (without attic!): 225,075 GBP (1,420 euro / sqm)
Price NE – XL version 12 x 8.25 = 200 sqm (without attic!): 275,725 GBP (1,390 euro / sqm)

Regarding the attic arrangement, the budget would be around 1,200 euro / sqm. This price is significantly lower than the average price per square meter of a Mi Casa house.
When you ask for a completely custom made house, the budget should be between 1,500 and 1,650 euro / sqm, according to the specific plan. This cost can be explained by the reasons presented at the top of this page.

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New England XL : 12 m x 8.25 m

For those who feel that the “New England” home is too small, and would wish a bigger Mi Casa home within a budget remaining very interesting (price/sqm) and within the parameters of the Selección philosophy, we have developed a basic plan entitled XL version (12m x 8.25m).

This is a very spacious house. According to this version, surfaces are larger and it is possible to separate the kitchen from the living space and/or to plan a separate office.

The space dedicated to the attic is so large that the possibilities of arrangement are almost unlimited. A plan provided by a consultant will also allow you to have 4 bedrooms on the first floor.

Besides, extra windows can also be added on the longest facade, which allows not only to have more light inside but also to optimise the architecture symmetry.

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Alternative versions of Selección

Some customers think that the first floor of the basic “New England” house is perfect whereas the ground floor is too small. They would like to have the opportunity to expand a room such as the kitchen, the sitting room or their office. Other customers wish to convert the attic into a guest room or a playroom immediately. Others wish a covered front or back terrace, a car port or garage, an extra outside door, extra windows on side walls,…

In order to be able to fulfill all these desires, we have compiled a list of options allowing to customise your home endlessly. For further information, please visit our show house or call our consultants.