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Exclusively Belgian

Exclusively Belgian

The wooden kit, the finishes and the furniture are totally manufactured by ourselves in Belgium.
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The wooden kit

We have recently acquired a new 6-axis cnc machining center and is in use from 24 april 2017. It  replaces several machines . Thanks to it, accuracy and quantity will be even improved.
A powerful software allows to draw the house in 3D in order to produce the beams automatically, one by one, thanks to a cnc-machine.

It will allow Mi Casa to expand abroad while maintaining the prices in Belgium. 

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Finishing materials

Ensuring an in-house production of every finishing material allows to make sure – beyond the assurance of a perfect quality – that all the parts useful for the finishing works of the house can be realised when the team in charge of the finishes needs them. This explains how a tight schedule can be maintained and how it allows to respect the temporary acceptance of a Mi Casa house. Besides, the majority of the machines are also used for the finishing materials such as furniture. Thanks to that, we can work in an effective and reactive way. 

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Furniture is completely custom-made. The products are manufactured in our own workshops in Belgium, what allows us to guarantee deliveries of high quality products. In addition, we can react rapidly – when the placement is ongoing – and get provided with extra materials which would be running out and which would be useful for a perfect finish. According to Mi Casa, it should always be working exactly so in a process of custom-made furniture.

The powerful 3D-software, which is connected to a CNC, is also used to manufacture furniture. At the beginning of 2018, a nesting CNC-machine, unique en Europe,  is going to replace the current saw and cnc.

An effective vehicle fleet

Our teams are provided with effective vehicles and with a park of perfectly equipped machines. Thanks to a grouping system, all the deliveries can be made by external transport. Consequently, carpenters can put the stress on what really matters ; assembling and finishing the house in a qualitative way. The working atmoshere is then pleasant and consequently, workers are motivated. If you click on the tab with the customers’reactions on this site, you will be able to read flattering write-ups about construction managers or consultants but also about team managers or other workers.